The ultimate combustion: Smart investors, great ideas.

No pitch-fest. No group deliberation meetings. No being contacted by other investors or random entrepreneurs. Instead, we have designed a simple, private network where investors will be matched with entrepreneurs who fit their investment profile.

For investors, it’s simple.

We invite you to complete a profile of your investment interests filtered by industry, location, stage, and other criteria so we can find opportunities appropriate to you and don't waste your time with unwanted deal flow.

We then match you with deals that have been carefully screened, though not subjected to thorough due diligence. Privacy is paramount, so we don't share your identity with other investors in the group or with the entrepreneurs in the Network unless you ask us to do so in writing.

It is our hope that you will make a direct investment or become an advisory board member who provides advice and contacts to the entrepreneurs.


For entrepreneurs, it’s also simple.

First, you have to be a client of Venture Architects or be referred to us by someone we have worked with. Second, you need to complete an online application. Third, try to be patient while we screen your funding request.

If you are approved and sign our Agreement, we will share your profile. There are no guarantees that there will be a match with the investors in our Network, let alone interest from the investors with whom we do match you, but in the noble pursuit of investment capital, it’s surely worth a try!

Most important of all, the investors in our Network are rock stars (not literally). You will not find a smarter, more experienced talent pool.


Get started today.

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